Visa Requirements



  • Visa request processing time is 3-5 working days.
  • We endeavour to issue express visas in the most expedient manner. Express visa processing time is less than 2 working days.
  • Visa processing starts only when a complete package of documents is submitted. Incomplete packages will be returned unprocessed.
  • Original passport is a compulsory document. Visa cannot be issued upon presentation of a copy of passport. A copy of the passport, even certified by notary, shall not be accepted Document packages without an original passport will be returned unprocessed.
  • A letter from applicant's insurance company (original or copy) is a compulsory document. A photocopy of insurance card is not sufficient. Document packages missing an insurance company coverage letter will be returned unprocessed.
  • Visa application must be duly completed. An application with blank paragraphs left or an unsigned application will be returned unprocessed.



Note: The following requirements are valid for the citizens of Finland and other EU countries. Citizens of other states, stateless persons and refugees should contact the Embassy to clarify the terms and conditions for obtaining a visa.

The following documents should be submitted (brought in person or by courier, sent in by a tourist/visa service company or sent by mail) to the Consular Section of the Embassy:

1. Application form

(click to download in FINNISH, SWEDISH, ENGLISH, other languages)

 The visa application form must:

  • be filled in Russian, Belarusian or English languages
  • be duly completed, with no blank spaces left
  • be filled out in legible handwriting (in BLOCK LETTERS) or typing
  • contain complete and logically consistent answers to the questions
  • contain the real purpose of the visit which should be specified in detail
  • be signed by the applicant personally (visa application forms for minor should be signed by their legal representatives)

 If a question does not apply, please type “N/A”. If the answer is none, write “NONE”.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to check whether the information given on the form is correct.

Failure to observe these requirements may result in refusal of an application.


2. Passport which

  • contains a photograph of the owner
  • has at least two blank pages
  • is valid for at least 90 days after the expected departure date from Belarus
  • is not dubious in terms of authenticity or ownership
  • contains no torn pages, marks, entries, erasures and corrections that are not certified by the issuing authorities of the respective foreign state


3. Medical insurance valid in Belarus or worldwide

 All applicants are supposed to present a letter from insurance company (original or copy).

This letter should contain the following information:  

  • name, address and phone number of the insurance company; 
  • full name of the policy holder;
  • insurance policy number;
  • insurance territorial coverage (should be valid in Belarus or worldwide);
  • insurance term of validity (should be valid through the period of the travel or temporary residence in Belarus);
  • amount of emergency medical coverage (should not be less than 10 000 Euro

Please kindly note that:

A photocopy of insurance card will not be sufficient enough to meet the above requirements.

The insurance coverage letter is a compulsory document. Applicants missing this document will systematically have their visa denied.

All travellers need to have the insurance coverage letter in original during their stay in Belarus.

More information on obligatory medical insurance for foreign citizens in Belarus can be found here.


4. Visa support documents

Type B visa 

transit visa 


Type C (short-term individual) visa:

tourist visa

visitor visa (for private purposes)

business visa

visa for participating in sports/cultural events

humanitarian visa

journalist visa

student visa

visa for religious reasons

employment visa

visa for visits to cemeteries


Group visa

requirements for a group visa

Type D (long-term) visa:

visitor visa (for private purposes)

business visa

visa for participating in sports/cultural events

humanitarian visa

employment visa

journalist visa

visa for religious reasons

visa for visits to cemeteries 

Applicants who have Belarusian roots must provide official documents proving that they are no longer in possession of Belarusian citizenship.

Please, kindly note that the consular official may request additional documents, other than those specified in the foregoing, confirming the information contained in the visa application form and/or the letter of invitation. Refusal to provide the requested documents may lead to withholding a permit to enter Belarus.


5. Photograph

One recently made passport size color photo of the applicant should be attached (stapled or pasted) to the marked space at the upper right-hand corner of the application form. Please, do not staple the face.

The photograph must meet the following requirements:

  • taken within the last 6 months;
  • in color;
  • professionally printed in high quality on photo paper;
  • 45 mm high by 35 mm wide;
  • in sharp focus and clear;
  • taken on plain, light and evenly lit background;
  • taken in full-face view directly facing the camera;
  • with a neutral facial expression and both eyes open;
  • with no shadows, glare, noise or distortion on the image or background;
  • sized such that the face takes 70–80% of the photograph;
  • with no ink marks, tears or creases;
  • must not be retouched. 

6. Return envelope

Important information

Due to the rising incidence of  failure to deliver documents by the Finnish post office (caused by repeated strikes) the embassy strongly recommends to apply for visa in person or by using courier delivery services (DHL, UPS, etc.)

The embassy reminds that consular section can neither control nor infulence the work of the national postal offices, and  does not organize trips to Belarus but only considers and determines visa requests.


Applying by mail, you should enclose a self-addressed return envelope:

  • from Finland —                      a prepaid and self-addressed return envelope
  • from outside of Finland -        a self-addressed return envelope and an extra payment for 16.20 EUR in accordance with payment methods (see par. 7)

Note: According to the Postal Service of Finland tariffs for mailing items, including first class mails, a mailing item within European Union costs 16.20 EUR. More information

- https://www.posti.fi/liitteet/hinnatjamaksutavat/hinnastot/kirjepalvelut-en.pdf

Please, be advised that the Embassy shall not bear the responsibility for the loss damage, delay or mishandling of your passport and documents caused by post or delivery services.To prevent the envelope loss, please, make sure that it has a tracking number. The applicants are highly recommended to submit documents in person or make use of DHL or other secure express mail services.

7. Confirmation of the payment

Consular fees for visas to enter Belarus are based on the principle of reciprocity. Citizens of other countries have to contact the Embassy of Belarus to find out the exact amount of the fee.

When applying in person or by post applicants are supposed to pay by money transfer. The payment must be done the same working day and the confirmation of the payment e-mailed to the Embassy (finland@mfa.gov.by). 

Bank details for visa fee payment:

Nordea Bank Finland Plc, Helsinki
FI44 1820 3000 0315 75

When making payment by internet banking, please, put your last name in the message to facilitate the process of payer’s identification by the Consular Section.

The banking expenses for money transmission are on the payer. If the embassy is incidentally charged by bank, Consular Section will be forced to request additional payment from the applicant. This will delay the visa request processing.

Cash payment can be accepted only in extraordinary circumstances as express visa fee. 


Please be aware that the type of the visa you apply for should be consistent with the purpose of your visit to Belarus. Making a trip with purposes different from the visa type, and different from purposes declared while requesting a visa is contrary to law.

When having received your visa please check it for mistakes (passport number, date of birth, validity, etc.) and, if necessary, return it for corrections. Embassy shall not be responsible for any mistakes in the visas, which were not brought to our attention prior to your trip to Belarus.
Visas cannot be changed or extended. If your travel plans changed after the visa issuance you have to reapply for a new one.

Any visa applicant may be interviewed by a consular officer or/and any additional documents may be requsted if necessary.

The period of temporary stay of foreign citizens in Belarus is determined by the duration of their Belarusian visa and can not be more than 90 days a year, starting from the date of entry in Belarus.

If travelling for private/humanitarian or other purposes, after arriving to Belarus, please, report within 5 business days the information about the address and duration of your stay to a local citizenship and migration unit of the Ministry of Interior. If staying in a hotel, this will be arranged by the hotel services.
All passengers holding Belarusian entry visa and traveling to Belarus via Russian Federation must obtain Russian Transit Visa.
All passangers travelling to Belarus who are in possession of a Russian entry visa must apply for an entry visa to Belarus.

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